AWOS Automated Weather Observing System for Airports

GEONICA's  AUTOMATED WEATHER OBSERVING SYSTEM (AWOS) deals with measuring all the meteorological parameters at airports, aerodromes, heliports, etc., providing processed data to ATC and Meteorological Office for distributing them to the aircraft pilots and authorities responsible for air traffic safety.

Depending on the category of the airport, the parameters to be measured can vary considerably. The ones that must be considered in any case, are listed below:

  • Wind Speed and Direction
  • Air Temperature
  • Relative Humidity of the Air
  • Dewpoint
  • Precipitation
  • Atmospheric pressure (QFE-QNH)
  • Solar Radiation
  • Visibility (MOR- Meteorological Optical Range)
  • Present weather (Intensity and type of precipitation: rain, snow, hail, etc.)
  • Cloud base height
  • Vertical visibility
  • Turbulence in altitude

In addition to these parameters, the AWOS system includes the possibility of carrying out other measurements for providing information on the condition of the runways, for example, the presence of ice, and even sound level equipment for the continuous monitoring of the noise level generated by aircrafts.