Current profiler for rivers

Current Horizontal Profiler in Real Time

perfilador de corrientes

Measurement of flows and reflows in Estuaries and Navidation Channels.

Measurement by Doppler Effect of the velocities profile of the water by means of a transducer, sited a given level below water, that generates two ultrsonic beams of horizontal propagation, crossing across the section to be measured.

The flow measurement, in real time, is done in direct mode combining velocity data with water sheet level data, given by the level sensor incorporated.

Accuracy and Consistency in Velocity and Water Flow measurements in Real Time

  • Water Profile Measurement of Water Velocity by Doppler Effect, in Real Time, in the whole width of the River Section, Estuary or Channel.
  • Up to 128 measurement points in a horizontal beam.
  • Range up to 300 meters.
  • Posibility of Data transmission via GSM/GPRS, Radio, Satellite or Internet.