Present Weather
Models PWD10, PWD12, PWD20 and PWD22

All models:
  • Accurate measurement of prevailing visibility
  • Compact and light-weight
  • Easy to install
Additionally PWD12 and PWD22 models:
  • Indicate the cause of prevailedvisibility
  • Detect precipitation type
  • Measure the intensity andaccumulation of precipitation
  • Estimate snow accumulation
Proven measurement principles for present weather
The Present Weather Detectors PWD12 and PWD22 identify precipitation type by accurately estimating the water content of precipitation with a capacitive device and combining this information with optical forward scatter and temperature

Accurate visibility measurement
Calibrated with reference to a highly accurate transmissometer, PWD-series sensors use the proven forward-scatter measurement principle to measure Meteorological Optical Range (MOR). The visibility sensor is well-protected against contamination:the optical components point downwards and hoods protect thelenses against precipitation, spray and dust. This weather-proof design of the PWD sensors provides accuratemeasurement results and reduces theneed for maintenance. The optional hood heaters are recommended for wintry conditions to prevent ice and snow accumulation.

Economical visibility measurement for road weather applications
With a measurement range of 10...2,000 meters, the Visibility SensorPWD10 offers economical and reliable visibility measurement for road weather applications. The PWD10 is recommended for road weather systems which alert drivers to e.g.reduced visibility.

For sophisticated roadweather applications
The Present Weather Detector PWD12 provides accurate visibility and present weather measurement in the road environment, where low visibility is a serious safety hazard and significantly reduces traffic flow rates. With a visibility measurement range of 10...2,000 meters, the Vaisala Present Weather Detector PWD12 is ideal for road weather applications. The PWD12 also indicates the cause of reduced visibility to give you a full picture of weather conditions. Its ability to detect precipitation and identify precipitation type gives the road authority valuable information for the short-range planning of road maintenance operations.

For meteorological and aviation applications
With a visibility measurement range of10...20,000 meters, the PresentWeather Detector PWD22 is a twoin-one forward scatter visibility andpresent weather sensor. The PWD22 is recommended for automatic weather stations (especially low-power AWSs) that are used for general meteorological and aviation applications.
The PWD22'sability to detect freezing precipitationmakes it possible to issue warningswhen the weather presents safetyhazards for road and air traffic.

Wherever visibility measurement is needed
With a measurement range of 10...20,000meters, the Visibility Sensor PWD20 offers long-range visibilitymeasurement for diverse applications covering harbors, coastal areas, heliports, windmill parks – indeed, any locations or areas where visibility measurement is necessary.

Easy installation
PWD sensors are less than one meter long. All are compact, lightweight,come with a cable and connector foreasy installation, and can be mountedin many ways on any existing mast.

Expandable measurement capabilities
The measurement capabilities of the PWD-series sensors can be extended when your measurement needs grow. All PWD-series sensors can be economically upgraded to ensure that your PWD sensor gives full value for many years to come.