Model DATARAIN-4000 is a new professional precipitation sensor designed by GEONICA according to the requirements of the WMO (World Meteorological Organization).
This precipitation sensor combines a very accurate measurement principle (electronic weighing) and an automatic emptying system, in such a way to allow unlimited (very low maintenance) very accurate operation.
Due to its principle of operation, the sensor provides permanent calibration, and its resolution and accuracy are also maintained in the whole measuring range (up to 2000 mm/h precipitation intensity).
The upper limit of the intensity range of the smart precipitation gauge DATARAIN-4000 largely exceeds natural phenomena. Two different models of DATARAIN-4000 are available whose only difference is their collecting are: 200 cm2 or 400 cm2. A built-in temperature probe allows a self-managed energy-efficient
heating control when the optional two heaters are included.

See document 9735 0012