Tripods, Towers and Mounts

Each tower consists on:
  • One embedded fixed base, with or without pivot bearing support
  • Lower 3 m section
  • A number of 3 m stacked intermediate sections
  • One upper 3 m section
  • One axial 3 m mast on top, for mounting the upper wind sensor (anemometer and wind vane or other sensor or device)
The towers are secured by several groups of wind-bracings at 120º, according to the height rerquirements. Instructions for mounting are indicated in the correspondent manual.
For corrosion avoidance of the steel tower, an advanced surface treatment is carried out (Zinc plating process plus reactive sealing), RPR process, offering also the best performance against scratching.


The Portable Tripod is a convenient stand for temporary installation of meteorological sensors.
Constructed of corrosion resistant materials, this tripod is surprisingly sturdy for its light weight. The tripod features an extendable top section with mounting post that fits the meteorological sensors as well as our Datalogger METEODATA. One leg is articulated for leveling on uneven surfaces.

For extra stability, Model 18943 Guy Wire Assembly may be used.
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