Smart cities
Towards the end of the last decade, our planet achieved two remarkable feats.
Our human population crossed the seven billion mark and for the first time in history 50% of the world’s population was living in urban areas and this is expected to grow up to 60% before 2025.
As we congregate in cities, it has become more important to make cities not only green, but also efficient and safe.

A variety of key sectors that define a Smart City are part of GEONICA solutions:
  • General solutions for Smart Cities  (GEOcityQUAL)
  • Smart Traffic Information (traffic count and classification)
  • Smart Traffic Control
  • Smart solutions for Air Quality Monitoring
  • Smart Noise Monitoring Systems (real-time noise maps)
  • Smart Civil Protection and Alert Systems (early flood warning)
As a Smart City Project Integrator, GEONICA brings together various sectors of the smart city through pre-packed platforms, thereby providing a unified holistic and end-to-end integration of multiple sectors.