Water quality monitoring
GEONICA is offering our advanced AQUALERT On-Line Water Quality Monitoring System, ready to measure all the key constituents and Physico-Chemical parameters of water such as:
Dissolved Oxygen • Conductivity • Salinity • Temperature • pH • ORP • Turbidity • Nitrate • Ammonium • Chloride • Rhodamine • Blue-Green Algae • Chlorophyll • Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) • Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) • Total Organic Carbon (TOC) • Total Suspended Solids (TSS) • Spectral Absorption Coefficient (SAC254) • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) • Aromatic Hydrocarbons (BTX) • Crude Oils • Refined Fuels • Metals • Toxicity.

The AQUALERT On-Line water quality monitoring analyser operates in a continuous mode installed as a fix station, recording all measures and transmitting data in real-time via GPRS/3G cellular Network, INMARSAT Satellite or by Radio-Link to a Central Receiving Station. Also it can be connected to a local SCADA via Ethernet/Fiber Optic link. Typical applications of the Aqualert-On-Line System are:
  • Water quality monitoring of Industrial Effluents
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Water quality monitoring of rivers, lakes, reservoirs and estuaries
Central Pollution Control Authorities of countries and regions have now the possibility of implementing efficient water quality monitoring networks for real-time control of water discharges into rivers and lakes by industrial plants or sewage treatment plants. Also to gather information to design specific pollution prevention/remediation programs, to characterize waters and identify changes or trends in water quality over time or for responding to emergencies, such as spills and floods.
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