ICEFREE Anti-icing system (Fixed Automated Spraying)
ICEFREE System is a fixed automated anti-icing spray system, specifically designed for highway / road application.
This anti-icing system uses an Automated Ice Melting Sprinkler Technology (AIMST) that continuously monitors the pavement conditions of roads and bridges or structures in search of critical threshold of several environmental parameters, and automatically fires, spraying a chemical liquid solution, just before the icing starts.

The spray is effectively applied to the driving surface under a range of weather conditions. The system will continue to monitor the weather conditions and it will either  reapply the anti-icing chemical if it becomes diluted or, will deactivate the program in the event of a heavy snow. Deactivation is required since the ICEFREE is intended as an anti-icing solution, not as a snow removal system.
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