WINDALERT Lateral wind system (Roads)

WINDALERT presents an efficient real-time road traffic protection  against the effects caused by high winds, by predicting the risk of accidents or overturning, calculated for several specific classes of vehicles, when they circulate along certain road stretches which runs through especially windy areas. This is the case, for example, of large and high bridges over pronounced valleys or road stretches in plains, subject to strong winds.

The WINDALERT system has a program module included in the Meteorological Station METEODATA series, which allows to continuously analyze the wind of the area where it is installed, with the purpose of calculating a very short-term prediction (10 minutes), oriented to know what will be the incidence of wind on traffic safety at that location. The METEODATA station itself carries out the prediction of vehicle rollover risk, based on historical data, normally 30 minutes back, being weighted later, depending on the state of the pavement and the small changes experienced in the value of atmospheric pressure.

GEONICA's WINDALERT system is the result of an European collaboration project called W.E.A.T.H.E.R. (Wind Early Alarm System for Terrestrial Transport Handling Evaluation of Risks) and it has been designed based on the most advanced scientific research in the fields of modelling and wind prediction, aerodynamics, and statistics.

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