Since 1974, GEONICA is offering a complete line of Measurement's Instrumentation for every technique for Geophysics Prospection of the land:Georadar (GPR), Seísmic, Geoelectrics, Gravimetrics, Magnetometrics, Electromagnetics, Sounding Recognition (well logging), etc. to be applicated to Mining, Groundwater, Civil Engineering, Geotechnics, Civil Works, Geology, Soil Contamination, as well as many others applications and Scientific Research of the land.


Likewise we have a great variety of equipment for Seismology, Recorder of Vibration and Blasts, Seismic Watch of Dams, Bridges, Nuclear Power Plants, and in general for the Dynamic Study of Structures.

In the links at Related Sections on the right part of the screen is shown in a brief way, the available equipment and the application for each of the prospection techniques.