Key Projects / Success Stories
Solar Resource Measurement and Meteorology Stations for the largest photovoltaic project in Bolivia
The two plants built by ELECNOR in consortium with the Bolivian company EMIAS, represent the largest photovoltaic project to date in Bolivia. The Uyuni photovoltaic solar plant has a capacity of 60 MW and Yunchará with 5 MW, and are located in the departments of Potosí and Tarija, respectively.

GEONICA's solutions have been trusted to monitor the plants. The project as a whole is made up of four SEMS-PV stations that record and store all the solar irradiance measurements as well as all the additional meteorological parameters necessary for evaluating the solar resource and monitoring the operation of the two photovoltaic plants during the 30 years that the land will be transferred to the property by the municipalities.

GEONICA has supplied a complete solution based on its SEMS-PV system consisting of the METEODATA datalogger and a set of photovoltaic plant sensors (pyranometers and panel temperature) and meteorological sensors. Communications with the plant control system are redundant via Ethernet and Modbus to receive measurement data in the Data Receiving Centre using the GEONICA Suite 4K management software package.

The solution for the Uyuni plant consists of three SEMS-PV stations based on the same configuration, thus covering 20 ha of extension. In the Yunchará plant, only one SEMS-PV station is used due to its smaller size. Thanks to its low power consumption and the built-in batteries (together with the more than 2500 kWh/m2 per year of the area), the operating autonomy of the unattended system is fully covered to monitor both plants in the event of any eventuality.