Frangible Towers

GEONICA offers a complete line of frangible towers, masts and poles for hoisting weather equipments (AWOS), ILS, Approach lights tower etc for airports. Both lattice and pole type frangible structures are manufactured for various airport applications. The towers and mast are made of fibre glass composites and resins to give frangibility in the products for strength and durability against high wind & jet blast.

                                                                    Full impact testing was carried in compliance with U.S Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), advisory circular No 150/5345 45c, section 3.9 and 4.2.5 and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) doc 9157 An/901 part 6, subsections 4.9.20, 4.9.21, and 4.9.22
AWOS lattice tower
  • 6m tower 
  • 10m with base hinge
  • 10m with middle hinge
2m visibility sensor pole   
3m vigilance camera pole              

Lightning Arrester Kit
LA 102
LED Obstruction Light Dual Lamp
OL 202

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